Firepower Pinstripes Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet




Replacement Parts

Part No. Description
20891010 Front Cover Lens, WH41001-FL
20891026 Inside Cover Lens, WH41001-IL4
20891013 Shade/Sensitivity Knob, WH41001-BN
20891017 Headgear Knob, WH41001-BN
20891018 Filter Frame w/Screws, WH41001-KB
20891020 Headband, WH41001-HB
20891023 Headgear Assembly, WH41001-HG
20891024 Hard Hat Fixtures, WH41001-HH
20891025 Magnifying Lens Kit (2X Magnification), WH41001-ML


  • Four Arc Sensors for High Response
  • Automatically Turns from Light to Dark and Dark to Light
  • Adjustable Welding Shade Levels from 9 to 13
  • Light Shade DIN Level
  • “Sensitivity” Control Range
  • Selection for Process Mode
  • Solar-Powered
  • “Delay” Adjustable Controls