MST 140i

The Firepower MST 140i 3-in-1 machines come complete with all the necessary MIG & Stick components which gives even a beginner the capability to weld immediately, right out of the box.



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Farms/Ranches, Auto Applications, On-Site Repair


Maximum output: 140Amp
MIG (GMAW/FCAW) Welding Output @104°F (40°C) 140A / 19V @ 15% Duty Cycle 90A / 18.5V @ 20% Duty Cycle
STICK (SMAW) Welding Output @104°F (40°C) 90A / 23V @ 15% Duty Cycle 80A / 23.2V @ 35% Duty Cycle
TIG (GMAW) Welding Output @104°F (40°C) 140A / 15.6V @ 15% Duty Cycle 100A / 14V @ 20% Duty Cycle
Current Range 10 - 140 Amp
MIG Welding Voltage Range 14.5 - 19 Volt
Wirefeed Speed Range 90 - 390 IPM (2.3 - 9.9 m/min)
Nominal OCV Volt/DC 53 Volt
Maximum Plate Thickness 1/8" (3.2 mm)


This machine features MIG, Stick, and TIG processes in a unit that weighs 33 pounds. Farms/Ranches, auto-applications or on-site repair work are just some of the many things that this machine can do. The MST 140i comes with a Quick Start guide that walks you through the machine set-up in four simple steps. The MST 140i  uses 115VAC and has a maximum output of 140 Amps. With the MST 140i you can be welding like a pro in no time. Includes: Firepower MST 140i Power Supply, Firepower 140 Amp MIG Gun, Firepower Argon/CO2 Pressure Regulator / Gauge & Hose, Electrode Holder & Ground Clamp, Drive Roll & Contact Tips, 15-20 Amps Power Adapter, Shoulder Strap, and CD with Multi-Language Operating Instructions