End Brush Crimp 1″Coarse


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Applications include deburring, blending, removal of rust, cleaning. End brushes are great for cylinder heads, pistons and valve ports, rubber and plastic flash removal, removal of rust, paint scale, tool polishing, and weld cleaning.


Crimp Type: 1/4" Shank, Carbon Steel Wire Wheel Diameter: 1" Type: Coarse Wire Size: .014" Max. RPM: 4,500 Safety First - Always Grind Safely Warning! Failure to Observe Safety Procedures May Result in Serious Injury: Complies with Safety Standards of the Industrial Division of the American Brush Manufactures Association and the American National Standards Institute ANSI B165.1-1985 “Safety Requirements for the Design, Care and Use of Power Driven Brushing Tools”. Always Wear Protective Equipment: Impact resistant Safety Glasses or Goggles, Full Face Shield, Safety shoes, Arm Guards, Leather Gloves, Apron and other appropriate protective clothing must be worn by all operators and other employees working in the area of power brush operations. Always wear a respirator to avoid inhalation of dust particles. Machine Guards Must Be Used: Power brushes should be used only on machines that are equipped with Safety Guards, and they must be in place at all times. Check Specifications On Mounting Brushes: Check appropriate RPM before mounting any brush on a power tool. Arbor hole and spindle diameter should be a free fit. Spindle length should be sufficient to accept a full-nut mounting. Direction of spindle nut thread should be opposite to the direction of the spindle rotation so that the nut will tighten as the spindle revolves. Always Inspect Before Use: Carefully check all brushes in the original carton. Do Not Use if they are rusty or damaged. Brushes should be stored in the original cartons and should not be exposed to high humidity or other detrimental environmental conditions. Always Observe Speed Limitations: Observe all speed restrictions indicated on the brushes, containers, labels, or printed in pertinent literature. For reasons of safety, the “Max. RPM” Must Not be exceeded under any circumstances.


Firepower small diameter wire brushes are designed for use in restricted or hard-to-reach areas. They are excellent for deburring, blending and cleaning of surfaces. Small diameters brushes are especially designed for use on portable air and electric tools.